Clever Queensland Residents Chop 80% OFF Their Power Bills And Energy Companies Are on Edge


Queensland's Disruptive Energy Program is Giving Aussies “THE LAST CHANCE” Warning To Get Massive Power Bill Savings

Queensland's household power bills have exploded since 2015, the ‘rip off' price increases of power are costing Aussie households thousands of dollars a year in unfair power bills.
A little known national program is happening right now and is cutting power bills by 80%.

I'm afraid to use electricity. I normally spend $1600 on power, but last year I was caught by surprise with a $2100 bill. I do everything in my grips to use electricity sparely and save a few dollars, but everyone knows that the power bills are going up.
I've tried buying ‘energy saving appliances' a new aircon, new fridge and other energy savers but nothing seems to help to bring down the power bill.

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Our mission and who we are fighting against

This is unknown to many, if you currently live in Queensland and you think you are paying too much for your power bills and you are thinking to go solar, then you may qualify for the Queensland State Solar Tax Credit that can pay you to go solar.

You see, the energy companies don't want you to go solar because they know they can make more money from you by keeping you on a plan that will never get cheaper





What started as a $50 million dollar bet between the Tesla founder Elon Musk and Mike Cannon-Brookes ended in saving Aussie Families thousands of dollars on their electricity bills without spending a dollar more on expensive power bills and “energy saving appliances”.

“I've never been more happy to lose a bet,” says Mike Cannon-Brookes, losing $50m bet to Musk.

Quick Read: Over 528,000 Queenslanders are saving 80% on their energy bills by going solar. The Queensland's Government Solar Credit Scheme could pay you to go solar.
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The Secret to Cutting 80% off the Power Bill?

Why is my power bill so expensive? — is the number one question on peoples mind and it's no surprise that Australia has continually made headlines for the “highest cost of living in the world” which has residents ropable and eager for a solution.

Consumers are spending millions of dollars every year on expensive power-saving appliances like light bulbs, fridges, TV's and heating units in an effort to bring down the dreaded home electricity bill, but the savings are minuscule and serve as an expensive band-aid.

Its no wonder consumers feel stuck in a never-ending loop of handing over their hard earned money to the price hiked energy companies and appliance makers with little to show for it.



This good news couldn't have come at a better time… The South Australian Battery project led by Musk has continued to make International headlines as families see the amazing savings quickly stack up.

With over 528,000 Queensland families making the switch to solar in 2017 alone, Queenslanders are coming in droves to go solar and taking advantage of the amazing savings.

Important Read Before Going Solar

Residents should be cautioned, Solar scammers have cropped up overnight to cash in on the QLD solar boom.

People who are interested in going solar should go with a state [nominate_link]Accredited solar provider[/nominate_link] to avoid the scams, high-pressure sales tactics and will be able to take advantage of the Queensland Government's Solar Credit Scheme which could pay you to go solar.

Solar Is Found Money

Solar has proven to help families save money on the more important things, whether its more money in the bank, money to pay off the mortgage quicker or money to go toward regular holidays with the family.

Musk's SA Battery Project has exceeded all expectations and has proven that solar helps families to dramatically bring down their dreaded energy bills to a near $0 and you can do it too.

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